Canadians & Menin Gate Ypres-WW1

THE MENIN GATE: "Dedicated to the armies of the British Empire who stood here from 1914 to 1918 and to those of the dad sho have no known grave." Aproximately 6,983 Canadians without known graves are listed on the Menin Gate. Following the Memorial opening in 1927, the citizens of Ypres have expressed their gratitude towards those who had given their lives for Belgium's freedom. Every evening at 20:00 (8pm), buglers from the Last Post Association close the road which passes under the memorial and sound the "Last Post". Except for the occupation by the Germans in World War II the ceremony has been carried on uninterrupted since 2 July 1928. During an extended version of the ceremony, you or your group may lay a wreath to commemorate your fallen family member. Bands and choirs from around the world also participate from time to time - in the ceremonies. It is an incredibly moving and special ceremony and we always are extremly humbled and proud - to attend this famous ceremony - of which people from all over the world come to attend.
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Invitation to opening ceremony Menin Gate Memorial
General Plumer opens Menin Gate memorial 1926
Menin Gate area - WW1
So young..So brave. .a boy soldier from WW1
Bond of Sacrifice
Children tend WW1 Allied mens graves
View from inside the Menin Gate Memorial to the 2 'Lions' guarding the gates entrance. Originals now in the Australian War Museum Canberra.
Exterior Menin Gate Entrance - Front.
Menin Gate - top of Memorial.
Interior walls of the Menin Gate memorial.