Canada WW1 Images: Vimy, Passchendaele, Amiens

Over 619,000 men and women served in the Canadian forces in the First World War, with the horrific casualty figures of over 59,500 killed and 154,360 wounded. Canada's sacrifices and huge contributions to WW1 - like NZ and Australia - was in fact the birth of the Canadian nation as its own entity - and brought Canada together with the formation of its own national spirit, and in many ways was the beginning of its independence away from the British.

For the first time in its military history, Canadian forces fought as one distinct unit under a Canadian-born commander at Vimy Ridge - and created a nation. Battles such as Vimy Ridge, the horrific Second battle of Passchendaele, the Battle of the Somme & the Battle of Amiens are still vividly remembered with great reverence today as part of Canada's heritage and its coming of age as an indepedent nation. This album primarily remembers the brave young men - through the evocative monuments in France and Belgium - who gave their lives for us - so long ago - to enjoy the freedoms we all have today. Lest we Forget.

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Vimy - the birth of a nation