Bomber Command WW2 Canada RCAF

Canadians in Bomber Command: WW2: RCAF: The service of the approximately 50,000 Canadians who served with the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and Royal Air Force (RAF) in Bomber Command operations over occupied Europe was one of Canada's most significant contributions during the Second World War. By the end of the Second World War, RCAF No. 6 Bomber Group had carried out more than 40,000 sorties. Approximately 8,000 decorations for bravery were awarded to its members. There were exceptional acts of courage that would earn two Canadian airmen – Pilot Officer Andrew Mynarski and Squadron Leader Ian Bazalgette – the Victoria Cross. No. 6 Group flew 40,822 operational sorties, a total of 814 aircraft & over 4,200 Canadians lost their lives in Bomber Command. A staggering 51% of Bomber Command crews were KIA, with an average operational life expectancy of around 6 weeks. Braver than brave.
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